Commissioned pieces are a wonderful way to collaborate with an artist to create a unique piece that fits seamlessly with your aesthetic and décor.   I love working with clients to help turn their creative vision into a reality.  I look at commissioned pieces as a way to collaborate with the client and really get to know them on an artistic level.  We will start by discussing what feelings and/or vibe you are hoping to evoke by the piece.  I like to do this by asking questions such as, where the piece will be hung, approximate size desired, what are some of the other existing pieces of art in the space, what colors are you drawn to/shy away from and what is the aesthetic of the space where this work will be hung.  These are just the basic areas of inquiry when embarking on a commissioned piece with me. I have a questionnaire that we will use to get the conversation started.  This can be done in an in-person meeting or via email if necessary.  

I will take this knowledge and then come up with several “studies” for the client to view and give their thoughts on.  Once we have zeroed in on a particular composition and agreed to go forward, work on the painting will begin.  I like to send a few progress shots and studio images as I work through the painting just to keep you in the loop.  I generally do not send final, full scope pictures until I deem the piece “complete” at this time the client will be asked to sign-off on the varnishing of the piece.  Once the first coat of varnish is applied, no more edits can be done on the painting as the varnish seals the piece and protects it from UV light, dust and dirt.  

As you can see, this is process takes time.  Generally speaking, commissioned pieces can be completed in 4-6 weeks, but please note this is a loose timeline and could be longer (or shorter) depending on many factors including but not limited to: material availability, critiques and fine tuning of “studies” and delays in communication.  Pricing for commission pieces is as follows and will include a signed agreement by both parties BEFORE work will be begun.


                $150: Consultation Fee which will be credited toward final painting. 

Includes initial meeting with questionnaire and 3-4 studies. The studies are the property of the artist but can be purchased for an additional fee.  If interested in purchasing the studies, please let me know prior to delivery of final painting and we can discuss cost.   

Final Painting Cost is based off of size and scope of project. 

A general pricing list is available to give a rough estimate of final cost, commissioned pieces could have up to a 20% increase from the amounts listed in my general pricing. Minimum cost of a commissioned piece will be $150.  Final pricing will be presented with the initial studies.  If at this time, the client decides to stop work on the commission the $150 will NOT be refunded and studies will NOT be available for purchase. Studies will be kept and stored safely by artist for 1 year in the event that the client would like to reinstate work on the commission.  After 1 year the artist has the right to use the studies as she sees fit.


I ask for your understanding of this policy as it is intended to protect my creative work and time. Thank you!